Tiny Kindness

A tiny boy digs into his tiny pocket. He pulls out a coin which he places in the paper cup of a homeless man. This same tiny boy marches on down the street where he hears a steel drum, made out of tin cans. It sends beautiful music to his tiny ears. Once again, he reaches into his tiny pocket and drops a shiny nickel on the ground next to the street musician.

The tiny boy knows he has only one copper penny left in his pocket. He saves it for tomorrow. His compassion is not tiny.
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Easter Week Blessings!

“For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten son.”


May this week bring you blessings of love, joy and peace.


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May The Road Rise Up To Meet You

This blessing was originally an Irish prayer. The Irish are said to have a deep appreciation for all things nature and outdoors. The Celts often used wind, sun, and rain as symbols to show how God is connected with His people.


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The Power of Positive Reinforcement

I once told a woman how much I liked her colorful dress. Her reply was surprising. She said she purchased the dress that day for three dollars at the thrift shop. She also explained that she has five kids and rarely gets out of the house.  Little did I know that my simple words could cause her to beam.

Leaving little positive messages, either verbal or written, can turn someone’s day around or create a lasting memory. No need to wait for a major accomplishment.  Just take time to notice.



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What I Learned From Father Bob

On Sunday morning, the anniversary of his 57th year of ordination as a Catholic priest, Father Bob Schwartz entered eternity.  As both pastor and good friend, he taught me much about life.

My husband, Larry, and I greatly enjoyed our monthly dinners out with Father Bob where we would have inspiring conversations.   But most important, he would always say, was the listening.

Before saying the funeral mass for my mother, about a year ago, he encouraged me to keep on praying for her even though I knew she was in heaven.  At our last hospital visit to see Father Bob, about a week ago, he said to ask my Mom to pray for him to have a peaceful death, and I know that she did.

Father Bob also shared his passion for bringing God to the homeless. I believe his legacy will include the many homeless who eventually will …
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Valentine’s Day Kindness

We often remember our spouses, kids, or special friends on Valentine’s Day. But how about reaching folks who may not know what it’s like to feel special?

Keep it simple. Pick up a bag of little chocolate hearts and put them in your pocket.  Whether you are at school, work, or out for a walk, look for someone whose holiday you can brighten by simply saying “Here’s a little treat for you, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!” Or drop one on a co-workers desk, in a caretaker’s pocket, or a homeless person’s hand.

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Question of the day

This week we remembered a man who not only had a dream, but asked an important question — What are you doing for others?


Today may be the day when you changed someone’s life with kindness!


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A New Year

Hearing the words You Are Appreciated is one of the simplest and most uplifting phrases around. It goes leaps and bounds beyond saying “thanks.”

You make it personal, especially if said with gusto.  Being Appreciated means you’re not being taken for granted.  Saying these three words can easily become a daily habit if we look for opportunities. Such an easy way to get your New Year off to a great start.

And if you took the time to read this post, You Are Appreciated!


“There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.”

                                                      – Mother Teresa





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‘Tis The Season To Be Kind

Share some holiday kindness! Drop off warm socks, hats or candy canes at a shelter. Ask someone about their favorite charity and make a donation in their honor.  Leave a thank you note for a server.  Simply scatter some joy.

This week we will all make memories. Which ones we wish to cherish is up to us. Often it’s the unexpected little things that bring laughter or tears whenever we remember them. During the holidays, look for the little moments that might turn into your never-to-be-forgotten memories.

The gifts we tend to remember are those which are wrapped with love.

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Scattering Kindness in South Sudan

During this wonderful time of year, we often like to remember special people in our lives with tokens of our love or friendship.  If you’re looking for an easy and yet very meaningful way to give gifts to others, especially those who don’t need another fancy wrapped present, here’s an idea for you.

Any donation you make will be used to help provide a student in South Sudan with an opportunity to gain a college education. As one student recently noted “I want to break the chain of poverty through education.”

Printable certificates are available at Padoc Area Scholars Society (southsudanpass.org)

Why choose this charity? —  About – Padoc Area Scholars Society (southsudanpass.org)
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