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Take Time To Notice

Has anyone ever told you that you are awesome?  If not, how would it make you feel?

Leaving little positive messages, either verbal or written, can turn someone’s day around or create a lasting memory. No need to wait for a major accomplishment.  Just take time to notice.

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May the Road Rise Up to Meet You

No one knows exactly where the much loved Irish blessing “May the Road Rise Up to Meet You” came from. Some trace it back to St. Patrick because it is similar to his other writings. This blessing was originally an Irish prayer, first written in the Irish Gaelic language and then translated into English.

The Irish are said to have a deep appreciation for all things nature and outdoors. The Celts often used wind, sun and rain as symbols or to show how God is connected with His people.


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The Ripple Effect

“A career you can make as interesting or as tedious as your mind allows” is how a friend described driving a bus. “It was a treasure trove of memories to pull out and use as a reality check.

But the ripple effect? That’s where I hoped to influence change and comfort in so many lives. It seems that front seat, just inside the door of a public transit bus, is much the same as a stool at the bar, or a hairdresser’s chair. It brings confessions, tears, love, and life in stories it would take me longer to tell than the over thirty years I spent driving people to work, to play, to dire news, and joy.

It was the desperate ones who touched me. As drivers, we were provided a list of agencies and phone numbers as an aid in these situations. The woman coming home from a cancer …
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Words Remembered

When asked “What’s something said to you that you hope you will never forget” here’s what a variety of folks said:

“You are appreciated!”

“I love you.”

“You are brave.”

“I want to be you when I grow up.”

“You are really good at what you do!”


Interesting what people remember.  What words will you speak today that someone might never forget?

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A New Year of Kindness

How can we make 2023 a year of kindness?  Maybe it’s as simple as doing just one little thing. Compliment someone. Say the words “You are appreciated.” Pick up a fast food gift card to give to a homeless person.  Make a small donation to a random cause. The little things we do might be the highlight of someone’s new year.

The poem “I Have Wept In The Night” reminds us to never stop scattering kindness.

I have wept in the night

At my shortness of sight

That to others’ needs made me blind,

But I never have yet

Had a twinge of regret

For being a little too kind.

― C.R. Gibson…
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Good Friends

It’s not the number of years we’ve known them. It’s the feeling we get when they cross our minds. Most would agree, a gift that provides tremendous joy is friendship.

During the last year, many of us have turned to those special folks for both support and laughter. It would be easy to take these kind souls for granted, but they deserve so much more.

Today I’d like to pay tribute to some valued friends who bless my life with their presence (not including family).

Ada, Al, Alice, Audrie, Billy, Brenda, Cynthia, Dick, Diana, Diego, Father Bob, Jan, Jeannie, Kate, Laura, Margie, Mick, Monica, Nancy, Nyamal, Nyamuoch, Pat, Paula, Shirley, Sister Jeanne, Steve.

Thanks for your wonderful gift of friendship!…
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Who To Thank?

We often say thank you without even thinking about who we thanked or what just happened.  Are automatic thanks valued?

If we think about the last time someone thanked us, can we remember who it was or what we did?  Perhaps the person who wanted to express their gratitude was hoping they brightened your day. Maybe they did.

This week we are likely to spend a bit more time thinking about all the wonderful people who make our life better.  You know who they are, but in case someone has slipped your mind, here are a few to consider:

*Janitors *Receptionists *Mechanics *Coaches *Nursing assistants *Childcare workers *Construction laborers *DJs *Editors *Fast food cooks *High school principals *Ice cream servers *Snow shovelers *Butchers  *Grandparents *Organists *Truck drivers *Pizza makers *Librarians *Bank tellers  *Bus drivers *Readers of blogs

Keep some thank you coins or notes in your pocket, and you will …
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World View

Our outlook on life can encompass our neighborhood or our world.  The way we look at the world is based on our beliefs and attitudes, and can be influenced by culture, society, religion, or personal experience. A world view impacts how we apply what we know to the larger world around us.  Having a world view often leads to respect for all individuals.

In the words of Mother Teresa — “Look around and you will see your brother and your sister, not only here in the United States, not only in your city or your area, but around the world. Everywhere there are human beings who are hungry, they look to you. There are so many who have nothing to wear and nowhere to love, and they look hopefully to you. Don’t turn your back on the poor.”

World Kindness Day is an international holiday that was formed in 1998 …
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Hats & Mittens

One of my favorite volunteer activities is working on reading skills with Kindergarteners. Today I read the story “The Three Little Kittens” about how they lost their mittens.  Was then fun to surprise everyone with hats and mittens for all.

Last week, a little student asked if I would hold his hand while walking outside to go to recess. Before entering the playground, I showed him how he could put his hands into his pockets to keep them warm.  No more cold hands for Kindergarteners!

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People, places, and things inspire us. Reflecting on the beauty in our world has an amazing impact on our brain and body.

Think about a time when you felt inspired.  Better yet, send an inspiring thought to someone, and imagine their reaction.


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