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Words To Make You Smile

See if any of these words of not-so-famous authors make you smile.  Perhaps they were written for You.

“Your words bring light, magic and hope into my life.”
“I love you because you raised me to be the kind of person who loves without cause.”
“You are singularly beautiful.”
“I thank God daily for your existence.”

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Sharing in the joy of others

How would you describe a perfect day?  Just looking at these two beauties would be a fabulous start. Some folks were asked what made their ordinary day special.  Responses were as varied as flavors of ice cream.  A few excerpts from my favorites:

  • “To me the perfect day would be a moment, I could find joy again.”
  • “I’m in a hall filled with writers who had made it to the finals. I shut my eyes for a moment to think of what would happen if I won this contest.  I would sponsor the less privileged but talented writers especially teenage ones who have limited financial access.”
  • “Home sweet home, and in the hallway, I see my suitcase with a note that says:  Your bag is packed – we’re leaving tomorrow for two weeks in Bora Bora.”
  • “Dresses. The ones at Goodwill, or Salvation Army, that line the shelves like little

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Shirts that Scatter Kindness

How do we remind everyone to think about scattering some kindness?  Might be as easy as wearing your message for all to see.  I recently discovered the Brooke & Belle online shop where t-shirts display positive messages.  Because the Brooke & Belle team also believe in spreading kindness, they are offering 10% off any orders placed using SCATTERINGKINDNESS as the code.

In addition, Brooke & Belle  will share 10% of profits made using this code to a charity I support – the Padoc Area Scholars Society, which provides college scholarships to students living in South Sudan, now the poorest country in the world.

Why not treat yourself or a friend to a fun t-shirt, all individually custom printed in a variety of colors.  Would also make a great birthday gift!   In the process, you will be helping students attain their dream of a college education.  Take a look at …
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Honoring Women

“If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire.”
George Monlog 

While women around the world work hard every day, we want to thank and honor all of the women in South Sudan, (now the poorest country in the world), especially the mothers who encourage their children to get an education.  We appreciate the sacrifices they make to feed and nurture their family.  Because of them, there is great hope for future generations to experience the joy of success.

Many young women are waiting for the gift of an education which will only be available through donations to provide a scholarship granted by the Padoc Area Scholars Society



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Happy May Day!

As a festival of spring, May Day originated in 1886. Now it’s a traditional holiday in many European cultures celebrated on the first day of May.  Flowers, food, singing, and dancing are often part of the festivities.  Young women wearing flowers and ribbons can be seen dancing around a May pole. It’s a day when neighbors and friends might come together to enjoy warm spring air and fresh flowers.

Growing up, my brothers and I made May Day baskets for our mother.  We looked for bright yellow dandelions and assorted wildflowers in our backyard. They were then placed near the front door. After ringing the bell, it was time to run and hide. So glad we have those memories!

A favorite activity of others is to plant spring flowers to celebrate new growth. Remember that perennials will return each season, while annuals are enjoyed just for a single season.

If …
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Tiny Kindness

A tiny boy digs into his tiny pocket. He pulls out a coin which he places in the paper cup of a homeless man. This same tiny boy marches on down the street where he hears a steel drum, made out of tin cans. It sends beautiful music to his tiny ears. Once again, he reaches into his tiny pocket and drops a shiny nickel on the ground next to the street musician.

The tiny boy knows he has only one copper penny left in his pocket. He saves it for tomorrow. His compassion is not tiny.
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The Power of Positive Reinforcement

I once told a woman how much I liked her colorful dress. Her reply was surprising. She said she purchased the dress that day for three dollars at the thrift shop. She also explained that she has five kids and rarely gets out of the house.  Little did I know that my simple words could cause her to beam.

Leaving little positive messages, either verbal or written, can turn someone’s day around or create a lasting memory. No need to wait for a major accomplishment.  Just take time to notice.



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