Hi, I’m Karen Kitchel

I am passionate about helping those who are less fortunate and especially enjoy anonymously scattering kindness! With 30 years of experience at BI Worldwide, followed by 12 years managing a nonprofit, I  now fill my retirement days with a wide variety of volunteer activity.  My favorite time each week is spent helping Hispanic kindergarteners learn to read and assisting at a program where adult immigrants learn our language.  Writing articles for various nonprofit newsletters allows me to reach a broader audience, and I was honored to be asked to write two chapters for a recently published book.

With a desire to expand my horizons, I also became involved in some unique volunteer opportunities, including being a mentor to a woman in prison, hosting bingo nights for the homeless, and responding to questions from under-served teens about career choices. While not volunteering, I enjoy playing tennis, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

I believe that kindness is still free and still priceless!

“Joy is a way of approaching the world. Many people wait for happiness to happen. I believe our greatest joy is when we seek to do good for others.” – Dalai Lama

Speaking Topics

Presentations can include any or all of the following:

Scattering Kindness

Fun and easy ideas and activities for individuals or groups to scatter kindness everywhere (inter-active presentation)


Many options and success stories in mentoring  kids, teens, prisoners and others

Other Topics

Re-inventing Retirement,  Adoption, Homelessness, Eliminating Loneliness in Elderly, Scattering Kindness Scavenger Hunt