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No Child Without Mittens

Why would a child be without mittens during an early and cold winter?  Maybe they don’t own a pair. Or perhaps they lost their mittens just like the “Three Little Kittens” in a favorite old book of mine.

Remembering the fun times when I was young reading this book about how three little kittens lost their mittens made me think about the kindergarten students where I volunteer.  What would they do if they lost their mittens or didn’t have any? Telling kids to put their hands in their pockets seems like sentencing them to no fun at recess.

Sharing the story about the three little kittens brought a lot of smiles.  And the best part was when kindergarteners turned into kittens with their new mittens!

Moral of story:  Buy some mittens and take them to a local school to have on hand when days are cold and mittens are lost.…
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