Easy Ways To Scatter Kindness

If you asked most people if they want to scatter kindness, I believe you would hear a resounding “sure!”

If you need ideas on how to begin, here are a few simple ways to start scattering kindness.

Interrupt the ordinary

Think about the people who help you get life done (trash collector, mail delivery person, etc.) Interrupt them on an ordinary day with a bottle of sparkling water or candy bar and a “Thanks for what you do.”

Ice cream scattering

While at the grocery store, pick up a box of popsicles or ice cream bars and drop them off at a local shelter. All you have to say is “Enjoy!”

Pennies for wishes

Save up your pennies and spread them out near a fountain where kids will find them so they can make wishes.

Take the sting out of sorrow

Add to your calendar the birthday and anniversary dates of friends who have recently passed away. Then do something to remember the loved ones left behind on these difficult yet special days.

A line to say to make someone’s day

“You are really good at what you do!”

Magazines for the homeless

If you enjoy reading, gather your used magazines or ask your doctor or dentist’s office to save some for you, and take them to a homeless shelter.

Kindness cards

Make up a few note cards to keep in your car or purse to randomly give to those wonderful folks who keep restrooms clean or the person who fills your water glass. Cards can say things like: “You are appreciated” or “Thanks for all you do!”

Kindness is contagious. What are some of your favorite ways to scatter it?

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  1. Jan Belmore
    Jan Belmore says:

    Karen, I love your thoughts on simple and easy ways to show kindness to those who cross our path. A tip I learned is to look at the nametag of the person behind the counter and when they have checked you out to say Thank you _____(insert name).. I hope you have a great day!


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