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Our Future Heroes

Graduating from Kindergarten can be one of the first steps to a long journey down the road of kindness.  This was the fifth year as a volunteer at Partnership Academy where I was thrilled to see the expressions of pure joy on these amazing kids and their families.  I’m convinced they will be our future heroes.

Congratulations to all graduates!

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My International Kids

I’ll probably never meet some kids I consider to be part of my family.  Two live in Kenya, three in Paraguay, one in Haiti, another in Argentina, and my newest teenager is in Ghana.

Twenty-six years ago, I became “Godmother” to Brenda through the Kenya Children’s fund. I’ve saved many of her letters, such as this one, to read on rainy days.

“You make me feel loved and lucky. I can’t help but feel great being your sponsored child. You are one of the few people who make my life worth living in this earth. You helped me through – I finished high school!”


With a small donation sent to my “Godson” William, on his 8th birthday, he purchased soap, cake, shoe polish and juice. He wants to join the army when he grows up “so that I can protect those I love.”

Mackendy’s father abandoned him, and he …
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May Possibilities

“All things seem possible in May”
Edwin Way Teale

May is a month when the opportunities for random acts of kindness expand. Our walks in the park give us a chance to acknowledge everyone we pass by. With the return of many events, we see possibilities to volunteer for new causes or those we may have forgotten about.

Your simple message of appreciation might be what a stranger remembers about this month of May.

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Dear Volunteer,

You take the time to do something for someone else.  That’s why you should receive a standing ovation during this National Volunteer Week. Doesn’t matter what you do or for whom. What matters is that you make the lives of others better.

There are thousands of volunteer opportunities listed on sites like VolunteerMatch and HandsOn Twin Cities  Or you can create your own opportunity by offering a friendly smile and sincere hello to everyone you meet.

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Thank a Teacher

Before teachers and staff went on their well-deserved spring break, we wanted to thank them for the tremendous job they do each day to educate children.  As a volunteer at Partnership Academy, I have the privilege of seeing these amazing individuals in action. Every student is treated with respect and a whole lot of caring.

Our token of thanks includes coffee purchased from the San Lucas mission and cookies from the Cookie Cart. This allows us to also support the efforts of coffee growers in Guatemala and helps provide employment skills to teens who work at the Cookie Cart.  My husband and daughter helped add a few fun little extra treats.

Soon after delivering gift bags, we received several messages of delight.  Lisa Hendricks, Executive Director said: What an amazing and generous gift. We are so thankful and overwhelmed with gratitude!”  Randi Weiland, Literacy Coach commented: “Thank you …
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Kudos to International Women

I’ve had the privilege of knowing some amazing women from around the world.  Twenty years ago, I sponsored Brenda, a young girl in Kenya who wrote beautiful letters and was one of the first in her area to attend college.   A few years later, I was matched with Laura and had a chance to meet her while visiting Paraguay.  Today Laura is also a mother living in Argentina.  Thanks to social media, I’ve been able to continue these connections.

Kudos to the wonderful women in San Lucas, Guatemala (photo above).  We had an opportunity to witness their beautiful smiles while visiting several years ago.  Now we support their efforts by purchasing the great coffee they produce —  Cafe Juan Ana – Cafe Juan Ana Coffee

I would like to add my heartfelt thanks to the birthmothers of our children in Korea and Paraguay. Without them, we would not be blessed …
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The Joy of New Citizenship

“We were so happy” is how Thushanth described the feelings his family felt upon arriving in America.  Learning about their journey from Malaysia was an eye-opening experience.  Despite the years it took to become citizens, the message they wish to send is “We are blessed! Others can build a life here by simply being patient and working hard.”

Shortly after their arrival in Minnesota, they brought food to the Arrive Ministries office in thanks for the assistance they received in finding housing, jobs and completing the paperwork to apply for their citizenship. What great examples of scattering kindness!

As an Arrive Ministries media volunteer, I now have a wonderful opportunity to interview refugees and document their stories.

Read full article:  https://arriveministries.org/new-citizenship-home-ownership/



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Valentine Challenge

Chocolates?  Special dinner?  A little box of conversation hearts?

We may have received and treasured them all, but what if this Valentine’s Day was the one where you surprised a perfect stranger with a small token of love.

Buy a bag of little chocolate hearts and put a few in your pocket.  Whether you are at school, work, or out on an errand, drop off a heart in a conspicuous place — on a desk or at a restaurant inside the folder when you’ve paid your bill.  Better yet, hand a heart to someone and simply say “Here’s a little treat for you” or “Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!”

In how many places can you scatter some Valentine kindness?


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