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A tiny boy digs into his tiny pocket. He pulls out a coin which he places in the paper cup of a homeless man. This same tiny boy marches on down the street where he hears a steel drum, made out of tin cans. It sends beautiful music to his tiny ears. Once again, he reaches into his tiny pocket and drops a shiny nickel on the ground next to the street musician.

 The tiny boy knows he has only one copper penny left in his pocket. He saves it for tomorrow. His compassion is not tiny.


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Kindness Takes Over Olympics

We are seeing so many acts of kindness by Olympians competing at the highest level of their sport.

After tripping and falling, two running rivals finished the race together.  Another two rivals chose to share a gold medal instead of breaking their tie in the high jump competition.  And how about the defending Olympic champion and world-record holder who said how proud she was of the 17-year-old swimmer who beat her.

Thanks to all of these wonderful Olympians for scattering kindness across the world!


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Sometimes you just need a hug

This short video has probably been watched a million times, yet its message is so powerful.

A little boy asks his friend if he’s ok.  Although he replies “Yeah,” this perceptive little guy realizes his friend is upset.  His question “You need a hug?” leads to a warm embrace.

The video, originally shared on TikTok by user @shackychan2 demonstrates pure kindness.


sometimes you just need a hug video – Bing video




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“We’re Here For A Reason”

Here’s what a few folks had to say about kindness:

“If someone were to pay you ten cents for every kind word you ever spoke and collect five cents for every unkind word, would you be rich or poor?”   Nonpareil

“For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.”  Audrey Hepburn

“We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark.”   Whoopi Goldberg

“Always be a little kinder than necessary.”   James M. Barrie


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Which are the Kindest States in America?

There are good people everywhere, but which state has the kindest people around?

Verizon worked with Kindness.org to find the kindest states in America as part of the “A Call For Kindness” campaign. Thousands of people from all 50 states were surveyed to determine which states would top the list.

Dr. Oliver Scott Curry, research director for Kindness.org, said in a statement:

“Overall, our research revealed a surprisingly high capacity for kindness across America, and the results across all the states were remarkably similar.”

The top three kindest acts ranked by Americans were:

  • Donating an organ for a family member
  • Pulling a stranger from a burning vehicle
  • Adopting and raising a family member

The report also found that:

  • 86% of people would donate a part of their liver to a family member
  • 72% would lend money to a friend in a financial crisis
  • 53% would donate their vacation time to

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Time To Scatter Kindness Again

Now that we are out and about again, the time has returned for anonymously scattering kindness. In case you’ve forgotten how, here are a few possibilities.

  • Jot down a phrase like “You Are Appreciated” or “You Are Really Good At What You Do” on a notecard and leave it on the table when paying your tab
  • Buy a box of popsicles and drop them off at a shelter – no receipt needed
  • Leave boxes of colored chalk on paved trails with a note “Create A Kind Message”
  • Surprise your spouse or friend with a bouquet of flowers or their favorite drink
  • Keep some dollar bills in your pocket or purse to hand to a homeless person
  • Drop a gift bag on your neighbors doorstep filled with treats and a note to “Enjoy”
  • Buy that cup of coffee or ice cream treat for the car behind you at the drive-thru
  • Show

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Remembering Dad

I wish I could more vividly remember our conversations on the afternoons when we ate ice cream together. Or the evenings drying dishes when I wore your slippers.  A photo taken in the parking lot of an amusement park reminds me of the day I won a big plush dog, and I can feel the excitement in your eyes. You were the most important person in my life.

Because you’ve been gone for more than 35 years, it’s hard to recall the details of what I know were many days when you made me very happy.  I didn’t know how I would go on without you in my life. But I did. And when I look up into the beautiful blue sky, I can often see your kind smile.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!


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Congratulations Kindergarteners!

“You made me smile today” were the first words I heard when joining an amazing group of kindergarteners at their graduation celebration.

After a year of in-school, on-line, and everything in-between, students at Partnership Academy in Richfield, Minnesota marched to a nearby park to enjoy ice cream and some surprises.  Kudos to their teachers and staff who found ways to model and communicate so many important values to their students.

Filled with kindness and pure delight, these graduates can make our dreams of a better world come true!




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Who Do You Want To Thank?

Surprise a hero in your life with a tangible message of gratitude.  The “Thankerchief” is a clever creation of HandkerchiefHeroes.com.  Filled with inspirational quotes, the borders proclaim thanks in 56 languages. In addition to its many uses, a Thankerchief is a lasting reminder of your gratitude.

While sure to be appreciated at any time, seems like the perfect gift if you’re blessed to have a father figure in your life — note: Father’s Day is June 20.  Thankerchiefs are just $10 and can be sent anywhere in the USA along with your personal message.

A few of my favorite quotes included on a Thankerchief:

“You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.  Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Fall seven times, stand up eight”  Japanese proverb

“If the only prayer you say in your whole life is ‘Thank
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