Supporting a Grannie

Maria Luisa recycles plastic to survive. She also has chickens and sells their eggs to make money in Puerto Botanico, Paraguay. After becoming a widow, she had to work hard to raise her ten children, most who now live far away. Sometimes neighbors invite her to lunch or dinner when she has nothing to eat. She says she “likes to smile.”

Paraguay holds a special place in my heart because our daughter was born there.  After sponsoring kids for many years, I was interested to recently learn about an Elderly Program. Monthly benefits of food and medicine are given to grannies who are in a poverty situation.  They also receive blankets and coats in winter, a special gift on their birthday, and a Christmas present at the end of the year.

A staff member from the Project for the People of Paraguay visits grannies once each month, spending some time and praying with them.  Sponsors receive a photo and information about their grannie and can send email messages which are translated during staff visits. There are 20 grannies in the program right now, and some do not have sponsors.

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