Feed My Starving Children

One of the organizations my family likes to support with our time and funds is Feed My Starving Children (FMSC). This unique charity believes that hope starts with food. Their process is simple. Donations fund the meal ingredients.  Volunteers hand-pack the nutritious meals which are shipped to food partners across the globe.

In 1993, a team of Cargill food scientists and colleagues from General Mills and Pillsbury created a vitamin-and-mineral fortified rice meal specifically for malnourished children. This is what is now called MannaPack Rice™.  As FMSC’s first and original food formula, it is an excellent source of protein, carbohydrates and key nutrients culturally acceptable worldwide for anyone over the age of one.

Every day FMSC food packs are distributed in schools, orphanages, medical clinics and feeding programs in 70 countries around the world. More than 99% of FMSC meals have safely reached their intended destination.

Aracely and her 4-year-old daughter share a small house with Aracely’s parents and husband in El Salvador. She describes it as having iron sheet walls and a soil floor. The home doesn’t have electricity, and they have to walk to a nearby well for water. Aracely’s dad and husband work in a plantation, but their wages are too low to provide for the family.

Prior to learning about a program started by one of FMSC’s partners, Aracely said her daughter was not gaining weight. “This food is not only nutritious for Ashley, but it is also feeding my spirit, because as a mother I always want to see her healthy. Now my daughter is growing up strong and happy. For my family and I, it is a blessing to see Ashley looking so good. Thank you, because you are sending us a valuable gift!

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