What I Learned From Father Bob

On Sunday morning, the anniversary of his 57th year of ordination as a Catholic priest, Father Bob Schwartz entered eternity.  As both pastor and good friend, he taught me much about life.

My husband, Larry, and I greatly enjoyed our monthly dinners out with Father Bob where we would have inspiring conversations.   But most important, he would always say, was the listening.

Before saying the funeral mass for my mother, about a year ago, he encouraged me to keep on praying for her even though I knew she was in heaven.  At our last hospital visit to see Father Bob, about a week ago, he said to ask my Mom to pray for him to have a peaceful death, and I know that she did.

Father Bob also shared his passion for bringing God to the homeless. I believe his legacy will include the many homeless who eventually will join him in heaven.  May he rest in peace!

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