Kudos to International Women

I’ve had the privilege of knowing some amazing women from around the world.  Twenty years ago, I sponsored Brenda, a young girl in Kenya who wrote beautiful letters and was one of the first in her area to attend college.   A few years later, I was matched with Laura and had a chance to meet her while visiting Paraguay.  Today Laura is also a mother living in Argentina.  Thanks to social media, I’ve been able to continue these connections.

Kudos to the wonderful women in San Lucas, Guatemala (photo above).  We had an opportunity to witness their beautiful smiles while visiting several years ago.  Now we support their efforts by purchasing the great coffee they produce —  Cafe Juan Ana – Cafe Juan Ana Coffee

I would like to add my heartfelt thanks to the birthmothers of our children in Korea and Paraguay. Without them, we would not be blessed with the loving family we enjoy today.



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