The Most Beautiful Women

The most beautiful women I have seen…..

They are not those in a magazine, no. They are the ones I have seen
going to the lake to wash clothes, bringing their children and even the
dog, carrying washing tubs on their heads. Or those who, despite their
problems, sit on the sidewalk to chat for a few minutes, laughing out
loud, or just to rest.

The strongest women I have seen….

They have not set a Guinness world record. They are the ones I have
seen walking with dignity but with a sad look on their face because of
some problem: economic, moral or within the family. Despite this, she is
fighting and trying to continue on. Waking up early to cook, clean and
take the kids to school. Some have to go to work or clean for other
people, always smiling, although her soul is in a thousand pieces.

The most intelligent women I have seen…

They don’t have a master’s degree or a career. They may have only gone
to school for a few years. They have not received awards. I have seen
them doing things to make ends meet. Recycling clothes, making food,
and as they say in Guatemala, “where 3 eat, 8 eat.” Women who can
almost read their sons and daughters’ minds, who give remedies or
medicine before the disease is even diagnosed.

The women who heal:

They are not doctors, nurses, or psychologists. They are the ones I have
seen kissing knees, hugging and touching the soul, smiling and taking
away your pain, lending a hand, sheltering, caressing, healing….
I have been blessed to know many women and anonymous mothers
who are angels, fairy godmothers…. Mothers.


Note:  This beautiful prose was shared by Emi Lopez de Tun at a recent virtual event featuring the working mothers at the mission in San Lucas, Guatemala.

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