Raise A Roof

Over 1.5 million children in Kenya are living without a family. Providing hope to those who have been orphaned is the mission of Open Arms in Eldoret, Kenya. They are partnering with 200 Orphanages Worldwide to create new roofs for ten homes in the village where abandoned children live.

Ten-year-old Wilson was taking care of his three younger siblings, all living in a slum, after their mother was paralyzed and being deserted by their father. Thanks to a social worker, these kids were moved into a village where they are cared for and given an education.

Open Arms built this village so that kids without families to support them can still thrive and grow. One by one, they are updating ten older buildings needing new roofs so that the 250 children in their care can have a brighter future.

If you wish to help give kids a safe place to call home, it’s easy —

Roof Over Their Heads, Kenya: $11,140 | 200 Orphanages Worldwide | Minnesota, United States




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