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“I Am Because We Are”

Photo from Wiccanbipolarforum’s Post

An anthropologist proposed a game to the kids in an African tribe. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree and told them that whoever got there first won the sweet fruits.

When he gave them the signal to run, they all took each other’s hands and ran together, then sat in a circle enjoying their treats.

When he asked them why they chose to run as a group when they could have had more fruit individually, one child spoke up and said: “UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy if all the other ones are sad?”

‘UBUNTU’ in the Xhosa culture means: “I am because we are.”


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Do You Like Surprises?

Written by my 94-year-old mother, Sophia Morrison

Do you like surprises now and then?  I do!

It’s easy to spread some kindness and make someone happy. Next time you’re grocery shopping, pick up one small item for someone. It could be one candy bar, a pack of gum, peanuts, or maybe a juicy pear.

And when you say “I have a surprise for you” I bet you receive the biggest smile ever!


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Some call it a sweltering summer day. I like to call it a scattering kindness opportunity!

What kid, of any age, doesn’t smile with their first lick of a frozen popsicle on a very hot day? You can make that happen by simply picking up a box of popsicles and searching for a nearby shelter to drop them off. Hint — shelters are everywhere.

You’ll feel cooler just imagining when the paper comes off that first popsicle. Do it today!

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Ignite A Spark Today

“The kindness of the fans” is what Jill Ellis, Head Coach of USA Women’s National Soccer Team, identified as the most memorable part of her experience.

Amazing how it’s the little things we do that can have the greatest impact. Spontaneous acts of kindness often ignite sparks in others. Be the highlight of someone’s today!

Need a few ideas?

*  Tell your best friend what you appreciate about them
*  Leave a note on someone’s windshield – “You have a cool car!”
*  Buy a box of popsicles and take them to a domestic abuse shelter
*  Convey to the next service person you encounter how good they are at what they do
and then ask to speak to their manager
*  Fill a bag with snacks, socks and a bottle of water. Toss it in your car and hand
it to the next homeless person you see


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July Is Time For Picnics

Try to remember your favorite picnic. Maybe it was the perfectly grilled hot dogs, the challenging bocce ball game, or that cold drink while sitting in a lawn chair doing absolutely nothing.

“A picnic is a meal taken outdoors as part of an excursion – ideally in scenic surroundings” says Wikipedia. Maybe your favorite picnic was in your backyard with little kids shouting for joy, or perhaps it was just you enjoying the view of your newly planted geraniums while sipping a glass of chardonnay.

I treasure the memories of when our kids were young. We headed to a nearby lake early each 4th of July to stake out our spot for the day. We laugh remembering the time we brought fried chicken, potato salad and baked beans but forgot the silverware. My favorite game was tossing a big beach ball which soon became an invitation for others to …
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Fathers of 1900 and Fathers of Today

(Photo: Creative RM / Getty Images – Article from liveabout.com)

In 1900, a father came home from work to find his wife and children at the supper table.
Today, a father comes home to a note: “Jimmy’s at baseball, Cindy’s at gymnastics, I’m at the gym, pizza in the fridge.”

In 1900, fathers could count on children to join the family business.
Today, fathers pray their kids will soon come home from college long enough to teach them how to work the computer.

In 1900, fathers shook their children gently and whispered, “Wake up, it’s time for school.”
Today, kids shake their fathers violently at 4 a.m., shouting: “Wake up, it’s time for hockey practice.”

In 1900, a Father’s Day gift would be a hand tool.
Today, he’ll get a digital organizer.

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Class of 2019

A painter, a teacher, and a barber are a few of the career aspirations of these amazing kindergarten graduates. Filled with kindness and pure joy, they will make our dreams of a better world come true!

After receiving their diplomas, students at Partnership Academy in Richfield, Minnesota celebrated with a special dance and, of course, some cake and ice cream.

A very thoughtful teacher, Mrs. Alexis Gerrish, had each kindergartener autograph a beautiful flower pot, which is a gift I will always treasure. I’ll miss their smiling faces, but will never forget the memories they gave me!





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Super Stars

The school year is ending much too quickly for this volunteer. I’ll surely miss welcoming hugs every Monday morning and helping to spark a love of reading among some amazing kindergarteners.

Today we talked about how every person is like a star. Smiles shine brightly to light up our world. I hear sparks of  kindness every time someone calls another “friend.”

Kudos to Alexis Gerrish, a kindergarten teacher who lives her passion for teaching kids what’s really important in life.

While already looking forward to seeing these super stars walking in the halls next year, I’ll always treasure the wonderful memories they have given to me.

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