Ignite A Spark Today

“The kindness of the fans” is what Jill Ellis, Head Coach of USA Women’s National Soccer Team, identified as the most memorable part of her experience.

Amazing how it’s the little things we do that can have the greatest impact. Spontaneous acts of kindness often ignite sparks in others. Be the highlight of someone’s today!

Need a few ideas?

*  Tell your best friend what you appreciate about them
*  Leave a note on someone’s windshield – “You have a cool car!”
*  Buy a box of popsicles and take them to a domestic abuse shelter
*  Convey to the next service person you encounter how good they are at what they do
and then ask to speak to their manager
*  Fill a bag with snacks, socks and a bottle of water. Toss it in your car and hand
it to the next homeless person you see







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