Sharing in the joy of others

How would you describe a perfect day?  Just looking at these two beauties would be a fabulous start. Some folks were asked what made their ordinary day special.  Responses were as varied as flavors of ice cream.  A few excerpts from my favorites:

  • “To me the perfect day would be a moment, I could find joy again.”
  • “I’m in a hall filled with writers who had made it to the finals. I shut my eyes for a moment to think of what would happen if I won this contest.  I would sponsor the less privileged but talented writers especially teenage ones who have limited financial access.”
  • “Home sweet home, and in the hallway, I see my suitcase with a note that says:  Your bag is packed – we’re leaving tomorrow for two weeks in Bora Bora.”
  • “Dresses. The ones at Goodwill, or Salvation Army, that line the shelves like little pieces of candy, waiting to be eaten. I want to try them all on. I want to be a different person in each outfit.”
  • “My perfect day is every day that I spend with you.”
  • “Sleep deep undisturbed in a room with curtains billowing. Spring breezes smelling of new mown hay. Birds in the distance punctuating the silence.”
  • “Someone that loves me, calls to say just that to conclude a perfect day.”


(Photo by Interesting Creations)

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