Shirts that Scatter Kindness

How do we remind everyone to think about scattering some kindness?  Might be as easy as wearing your message for all to see.  I recently discovered the Brooke & Belle online shop where t-shirts display positive messages.  Because the Brooke & Belle team also believe in spreading kindness, they are offering 10% off any orders placed using SCATTERINGKINDNESS as the code.

In addition, Brooke & Belle  will share 10% of profits made using this code to a charity I support – the Padoc Area Scholars Society, which provides college scholarships to students living in South Sudan, now the poorest country in the world.

Why not treat yourself or a friend to a fun t-shirt, all individually custom printed in a variety of colors.  Would also make a great birthday gift!   In the process, you will be helping students attain their dream of a college education.  Take a look at some of those who are awaiting your help —  Padoc Area Scholars Society (

Enjoy your t-shirt, and thanks to Brooke & Belle for helping to scatter kindness.


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