Posting challenges on Prose, a website for readers and writers, provides insights on a variety of topics.  A recent posting asked “If there were no limits on your time and money, what would you do tomorrow?”

Some said they would:

“Fly first class to Cancun”
“Go to my favorite restaurant and get an entire order of chicken wings”
“Catch a thousand butterflies and hold them in clear jars”
“Get the dental surgery I can’t afford”


Others seemed to have a theme of kindness in what they would do:

“Set up a trust aimed at feeding the children of the world and providing medical care. The trust would be managed by a multi-cultural counsel of Grandmas”

“Buy 10,000 acres of land and give it back to the people”

“Build a sanctuary for single Mothers”

“Give my friend a moment away from caring for her Mom, a refugee from Ukraine who is
now homeless”

“Pay off all the school debts for my brother and wave goodbye as my parents always did with the ASL sign for I Love You”

“Give and give and give”

“Buy the world a Coke”

What would you do tomorrow?




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