Who To Thank?

We often say thank you without even thinking about who we thanked or what just happened.  Are automatic thanks valued?

If we think about the last time someone thanked us, can we remember who it was or what we did?  Perhaps the person who wanted to express their gratitude was hoping they brightened your day. Maybe they did.

This week we are likely to spend a bit more time thinking about all the wonderful people who make our life better.  You know who they are, but in case someone has slipped your mind, here are a few to consider:

*Janitors *Receptionists *Mechanics *Coaches *Nursing assistants *Childcare workers *Construction laborers *DJs *Editors *Fast food cooks *High school principals *Ice cream servers *Snow shovelers *Butchers  *Grandparents *Organists *Truck drivers *Pizza makers *Librarians *Bank tellers  *Bus drivers *Readers of blogs

Keep some thank you coins or notes in your pocket, and you will never miss an opportunity to say THANKS!

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