Sheltering Orphans

Children in India need warm water for showers. In Tanzania, milk cows will improve the health of orphans. For safety concerns, high school girls need a concrete wall to be built in Guatemala.

To date, 200 Orphanages Worldwide has funded more than 50 projects in 17 countries. Simply put, they provide safety and security for orphans.  While their mission is to raise awareness and funds, a vision to help build projects for 200 orphanages worldwide is what drives them.

Supporters have rallied around the needs of children by providing dormitories, dining halls, community rooms, latrines, and outdoor kitchens. In Tanzania, Africa, a sustainability project is underway to add several milk cows, a herd of sheep, and an enclosure for the animals at their Kahunda campus. This will allow the campus to provide the children with a wider variety of protein, improving their overall health. More greenhouses would result in triple the production of food while also being able to grow a wider array of vegetables.

Previously funded projects in Tuni, India include a dining hall, school bus, outdoor steam kitchen, library, community hall, solar water heater and milk cows. In Ashivrad, more than 123 orphans are being given an education and daily care. Their goal is to continue serving the children and expand services to include community training on computers and sewing.  A trade school is also needed for the children who are aging out of the home. 100% of funds donated to a project goes to the project.


If you could provide safe shelter for orphans, would you?”


(Photo credit:  Main Springs)


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