Aging Gracefully

Research has proven that the happiest age group of all is the elderly. Why is that? Maybe because it’s a more peaceful existence, and we know it’s okay to slow down. When we age gracefully, we live with the wisdom of all of our life experiences.

Admitting that things have changed is often the first step in aging with grace. We cannot always live as things were in the past. That’s the message, retired priest, Father Bob Schwartz, presents when speaking about transitions in later life.

In youth, he says, we lay the foundation for our life. The first season is often struggling to get our lives going. This is a season of being heavily dependent on others. The second season is about giving our lives away in serving others, whether it’s family or contributing to the world of church, work, or culture. The third season of our lives is about leaving a legacy. We identify the meaning of our lives and share that as a gift to others whom we leave behind.

The final stage of life is about finding out who we really are. This might also be the first time in our life when we do what we like to do. Be thankful for the memories, and rejoice in the way life is now.




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