The Gift Of Joyfulness

(By Guest Blogger: Cynthia Brian, from her book “Be The Star You Are! Millennials To Boomers”)


Experiencing  the world through the eyes of a child is a path to happiness.  Kids have such vibrant imaginations and they know how to squeeze bliss into even the tiniest details. The joy and wonder of being a child is a treasure to remember and relish forever.

When my son was five, he hugged my leg and said, “I love you so much, Mommy. But I don’t know who to love more: you or Santa?  You help lots of people, but Santa helps millions. This is a tough question! My heart skipped a few beats, and the joy that rushed through my veins was as strong as the current of Niagara Falls.  If he only knew…

Here are my simple suggestions for a life-altering payoff. Start practicing gratitude. Taste the sweetness of a juicy nectarine as it trickles down your chin. Snap photos of images that make you laugh. Wear a color that brightens your spirit. Dance in the dark in your underwear. Are you smiling yet?

By focusing on joy in bite-sized bits of merriment every day, you’ll form a habit of experiencing bliss regularly.  You can love Mommy and Santa equally!


NOTE:  Above are excerpts from a book which celebrates the gifts of positive voices by Cynthia Brian, a New York Times best-selling  author, TV/Radio personality/producer, lecturer and enrichment coach.  This book can be purchased at


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