Receiving With Grace

(By Guest Blogger, Leah Renter)

Asking for and receiving help can be difficult for me.

Maybe it’s geographic. Equal parts stubborn German and proud Midwesterner, I was raised to roll up my sleeves and rely on sheer work ethic. Maybe it’s genetic. I once argued with my grandmother for ten minutes in line at Subway over who was paying for the $5.50 cold cut combo. Or maybe it’s just me. I couldn’t accept a compliment with a simple, “Thank you” until my early 20’s. Perhaps you’re like me — only in your comfort zone on the giving end of the equation. In recent years, I’ve come to learn that receiving gracefully is the other (and often more difficult) side of the same coin.

During the past year, I’ve taken on a large home renovation project with my partner, and we’ve relied on so many people to complete the work. While …
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