My International Kids

I’ll probably never meet some kids I consider to be part of my family.  Two live in Kenya, three in Paraguay, one in Haiti, another in Argentina, and my newest teenager is in Ghana.

Twenty-six years ago, I became “Godmother” to Brenda through the Kenya Children’s fund. I’ve saved many of her letters, such as this one, to read on rainy days.

“You make me feel loved and lucky. I can’t help but feel great being your sponsored child. You are one of the few people who make my life worth living in this earth. You helped me through – I finished high school!”


With a small donation sent to my “Godson” William, on his 8th birthday, he purchased soap, cake, shoe polish and juice. He wants to join the army when he grows up “so that I can protect those I love.”

Mackendy’s father abandoned him, and he was living with his mother in Haiti. However, she was unable to support him, so she approached a social worker for help. Mackendy arrived at NPH, French for “Our Little Brothers and Sisters” in 2010, where more than 1,700 children are in need of financial support to provide food, clothing, healthcare, education and a home.

Twenty years ago, I received a letter from Laura in Paraguay which said “My life would have been really sad without you. I thank God for you who loves me.”  Now Laura is a devoted mother to her two children, and how happy I was to receive an online message from her today.

We may not realize the impact we can have on the lives of those who will influence future generations around the world.




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