A Scattering Kindness Day

Yesterday my husband and I declared it a “Scattering Kindness Day.”  We planned a variety of activities as a way of giving back for the many blessings we receive.

Our day began by baking a couple dozen cookies and taking them to a local domestic abuse shelter.  From there, we made a stop at the food shelf to bring some items they were needing.  Then it was back home to fill ten back packs with an assortment of things like snacks, socks, and water bottles.  Those will be kept in our cars to hand out whenever we see a homeless person.

An especially fun part of the day was going out for lunch at a local restaurant where we anonymously picked up the tab for a Mom who we saw with a young daughter and a screaming baby.  Needing coffee for dessert, we decided to go to a drive-through, and hope the guy behind us enjoyed his java.

Our afternoon was spent at an organization called “Feed My Starving Children.”  That’s where we assembled 40 bags of rice, soy, and vegetables which will provide food for hungry kids around the world.

Back home we filled out an application to provide funds which will allow us to purchase mittens and snow pants for a group of kindergarteners to keep them warm this winter.  We were very surprised to receive word back within an hour that our request was approved.

Last, but not least, was serving dinner at a homeless shelter. The magazines we brought so these fine folks would have something to read, along with my favorite chocolate mints, were a big hit. But the smiles are what made it all worthwhile.

We couldn’t resist ending our day at our favorite local watering hole where we had one last opportunity to pay it forward.

This day was a whole lot more about receiving than giving — simply by scattering some kindness.




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