Celebrating May Day!

The beginning of May often signifies the start of brighter and warmer days.  May Day emerged in 1886 as an ancient festival of spring. Currently, it’s a traditional holiday in many European cultures celebrated on the first day of May.  Flowers, food, singing, and dancing are often part of the festivities.  Young women wearing flowers and ribbons can be seen dancing around a May pole. It’s a day when neighbors and friends might come together to enjoy warm spring air and fresh flowers.

Growing up, my brothers and I made May Day bouquets for our mother.  We looked for bright yellow dandelions and assorted wildflowers in our backyard. They were then placed near the front door. After ringing the bell, it was time to run and hide. Mom hasn’t forgotten the thrill of those unexpected surprises, and we continue to bring her flowers every May Day.

Another favorite activity is to plant spring flowers to celebrate new growth. Remember that perennials will return each season, while annuals are enjoyed just for a single season.

If you’re looking for more ways to scatter kindness, leave a May basket on a neighbor’s doorstep.  Including  a short “Happy May Day” note is sure to brighten their day.  May Day picnics or parties also qualify as celebrating!


Photos:  “Dandelion” by randihausken

“Happy May Day!” by JLS Photography – Alaska








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